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Please see below weekly winner/s, updated league tables & next weeks sheet.

WEEKLY WINNERS (W’30) – Paul (MUPPETS UNITED) – 17 points


Mick (Can’t Remembers) – 250 points (+2pts)


Can’t Remembers – 474 points (+19pts)

screen-shot-2016-09-19-at-15-31-53   Match Day 31 (29/02/20)              

singles  Updated Week 30 (22/02/20)  

teams  Updated Week 30 (22/02/20)    

Every football season ‘The Fox Pub’ runs its very own ‘Football Prediction Competition’, where every week 10 games are picked from various leagues, with points awarded for correct result (1 point) & correct result / score (3 points), plus a ‘NAP’ which if correct doubles the points for the chosen game. We run both a ‘Singles’ & ‘Team’ competition for the full season, as well as weekly individual sheets. Each week we payment for that weeks winner/s, plus at the end of the season we payment to the ‘TOP 3’ in both the ‘Singles’ & ‘Team’ competitions. Ask the barstaff for the weekly ‘Football Prediction Competition’ sheets & to see the latest league tables, these are located near the fruit machines.